Featured article: An ISRU-Based Architecture for Human Habitats on Mars: the ‘Lava Hive’ Concept

The Article Below details a possible way to exploit the LAVA TUBES  on MARS, this article was published on Zonodo.org on December, 14 2016. You cab access the paper via the link below: Authors: Cowley, Aidan; Imhof, Barbara; Teeney, Leo; Waclavicek, Rene’; Spina, Francesco; Canals, Alberto; Schleppi,Juergen; Soriano, Pablo Lopez (ESA ADVANCED CONCEPTS TEAM) We detail […]

Earth Technology NEWS: Solving Earth’s most pressing Problems

Some people argue that we should first solve earth’s most pressing problems before turning our attention to space. These are solutions to earth’s most pressing problems: Food Security: Stop fighting & corruption, use multi-cropping, green the deserts Water Shortage: Replenish aquifers, desalination has become cheap & the world is richer Desertification: Add water to deserts, […]