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18th European Mars Convention, EMC18, will take place from Oct. 26th till Oct 28th in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Switzerland with an impressive line-up of speakers

Pierre Brisson, president of the Mars Society Switzerland and co-founding member of the Mars Society is proud to announce EMC18, the 18th European Mars Convention which will be held in La Chaux De Fonds, in the Neuchâtel district, in Switzerland, 10 km from the border with France,  and halfway between Bern Switzerland and Dijon/Besançon France.

Pierre Brisson:

“We have a major event coming soon which is the 18th European Mars Conference (“EMC18”), from Oct. 26th till Oct 28th in La Chaux-de-Fonds.
There will be more than 20 presentations by specialists on the themes of (1) the Knowledge of the Planet; (2) Time; (3) the Journey; and (4) the Establishment of Mankind on Mars. We also hold a debate on: “Robots and Men on Mars under the Look of Time”
There will be also a debate implying Claude Nicollier (our Swiss astronaut) and Robert Zubrin.
The Martians of Heart, from Switzerland and elsewhere, will meet at the Musée International d’Horlogerie (“MIH” i.e. International Watchmaking Museum) of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland (La Chaux-de-Fonds is the heart of the Swiss watch-making industry), to tell what they have learnt and what they hope to learn about their dear planet, to listen to experts amongst the best in the world and ask them the questions that have been burning their lips for a while, to discuss about the current and planned robotic missions without forgetting the dream, more and more pregnant, of the inhabited missions and the problematics of the  establishment of Mankind on this New-Earth and, to achieve this, the best solutions to successfully perform the long distance journey that will allow to rally it…and come back.
Musée International d’Horlogerie (La Chaux de Fonds, Neuchâtel, Switzerland) – Picture Credit Tomleighmartin CC 1.0 -Universal Public Domain Declaration



If you are a space enthusiast or space professional with a passion for Mars, anywhere near Switzerland, this event is the place to be in the week of Oct. 26th till Oct 28th.
The event has an impressive line-up of speakers and international space (exploration) experts:
  1. Robert Zubrin : Aerospace engineer, founder of The Mars Society (“TMS”) and President of the American Mars Society.
  2. Claude Nicollier : Astrophysicist, Swiss Astronaut, Professor at the EPFL, honor member of the MSS.
  3. Théodore Besson : Lausanne Uni., Managing Director and Chief Science Officer of ESTEE (Earth Space Technical Ecosystem Enterprises), specialist of bio-regenerative life support systems (MELiSSA, Oïkosmos, FIPES).
  4. Tomaso Bontognali: Geobiologist (Space Exploration Institute, Neuchâtel) specialist in biosignatures preserved in ancient sedimentary rocks; Science Validation Manager of CLUPI — an instrument of the ExoMars 2020 rover.
  5. Pierre Brisson: Founder of the Mars Society Switzerland (“MSS”), member of the Board of Association Planète Mars (APM), founding member of TMS (and formerly Corporate Banker).
  6. Michel Cabane: Exobiologist, specialist of gaseous phase elements (Uni. Pierre et Marie Curie, LATMOS, IPSL) co-PI of SAM laboratory (Curiosity).
  7. Angelo Genovese: Space propulsion engineer at Thales Germany & director at Initiative for Interstellar Surudies (I4IS), specialized in advanced Electric Propulsion.
  8. Olivia Haider: member of the board of the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF), Social Media & Science communicator, participant in several Mars analog simulations.
  9. Pierre-André Haldi: EPFL engineer, specialist of the analysis of sustainable energy systems and risk management analysis (natural and industrial).
  10. Richard Heidmann: graduate of Ecole Polytechnique Paris and SUPAERO (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace), engineer in space propulsion at SNECMA (Ariane V), founder of Association Planète Mars.
  11. Jürgen Herholz : Senior Space Engineer for ESA, manned flight specialist (Spacelab, Eureca, Hermes and Columbus, founder of the Mars Society Deutschland.
  12. Jean-Luc Josset: Astrophysicist, founder of the Space Exploration Institute (Space-X) Neuchâtel, designer and coordinator of optical instruments of several space probes, co-PI of CLUPI (ExoMars lander).
  13. Maxime Lenormand : Fourth year engineering student at IPSA (Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées, Toulouse). Interest for EDL.
  14. Philippe Lognonné : Uni. Paris-Diderot, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris. Professor in Geophysics and Planetology, PI of the SEIS seismometer (InSIGHT).
  15. Roland Loos : EPFL electrical engineer, telecommunication specialist, CEO of Solarstratos, the Swiss aircraft aiming to approach Space using solar energy, member of the MSS.
  16. Antonio del Mastro : Uni. of Napoli engineer, president of “Mars-Planet”, the Italian member of the Mars Society, Developer of the Mars City Research Center.
  17. Gaetano Mileti : Associate Professor Physics Institute Uni. Neuchâtel, Research Director of Time and Frequency Laboratory.
  18. Antoine Pommerol: Space Research and Planetary Sciences Division, Physics Institute, Uni. Berne. Specialist of mineral hydration of the surface of Mars and of the CaSSIS instrument (TGO).
  19. Pascal Rochat: Engineer and managing director of Spectratime (global leader of high precision clocks with Space applications).
  20. Anne-Marlène Rüede: EPFL graduate, major in Architecture & Space technologies, special interest in space & extreme environment architecture (Prof. Claudio Leonardi).
  21. Jean-Marc Salotti: Computer scientist, Professor in cognitics Uni. Bordeaux, member of the International Academy of Astronautics, member of the steering committee of APM.
  22. Alain Sandoz, EPFL computer scientist and information system engineer, co-inventor of the 0-Gravity watchmaking complication.
  23. Mitko Tanevski: engineering expert, CLUPI (ExoMars) Science operation manager at the Space Exploration Institute (Neuchâtel).

The full programme can be consulted here: 


For press-kit, see docs in .pdf:


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