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Student, volunteer, graduate or trained professional?

If you have a skill you think we need, do not hesitate to contact us!  Send your input or Curriculum Vitae via our contact page and we will get back to you if we understand the match.

  • If you are a professional: At this time we cannot pay you, so you must be willing to work as an unpaid volunteer, take a sabbatical or have really, really long coffee breaks at your current job. Any 10 hours performed will grant you future stock options under the important condition that we will need to make it that far.
  • If you want to volunteer: Great! You are the bread and butter of the world. Send us a mail and tell us how you would like to help us. Or just ask, we always have work to do.
  • If you are a student, talk to your school administration to see if you are allowed to do an unpaid internship with our team. You will need to provide your own housing and food, so be prepared for this. It will be a good learning opportunity as you will discover what it takes to turn dreams into real hardware. Any positive result you help contribute to during your stay with our organisation will count as an important experience that will impress future employers. You can help us apply for grants, raise funds and do detailed studies from within your area of current and future expertise. If you have a useful talent we forget to mention, and could benefit from, don’t hesitate to contact us. At this point we are still functioning as a start up which means that any positive contribution is greatly appreciated. We are strong believers in OPEN INNOVATION, CROWDSOURCING, CROWDFUNDING and grass roots commercial initiatives, so make sure you are a part of this.
  • If you are an investor looking for a forward looking long term investment. We are sure we can create a mutually beneficial opportunity.
  • If you want to partner up with our organisation. Contact us to find out how we can take this project forward.

While the basic vehicle concept is fixed,  You will have a chance to put your mark on:

  • Detailed feasibility & trade studies.
    • Remember what former US president Obama said.
  • Detailed costing studies.
    • Every nickle spent needs to be worth a diamond.
  • Hardware engineering & testing.
    • We want it to rain succes, not rockets
  • Help us identify and obtain additional income
    • More diamonds
  • Fund raising
    • Every nickle raised potentially is worth a diamond
  • Marketing
    • Hint: You sell us by offering services to them
  • Talent acquisition strategies
    • You start with people who build rockets, the yoga instructor … could still make a very convincing case
  • Securing a spot for your R&D organization.
    • Better earn some bragging rights, right?
  • Program management ramp up.
    • We want beautiful drawings with arrows that point forward…and are sensible.
  • Cheer leading and on (social) media
    • Make Twitter smile at us
  • Legal Questions
    • Well… actually we always prefer Legal Anwers. And we don’t pay for stamps.
  • Vendor Acquisition
    • Better talk to the oracle of Legal Answers before you do
  • Computer Aided Design, Site Design, CGI
    • IT’s Artistic Wizardry
  • Do share your own ideas…

So do it. Leave your mark.

If you want to support us you can always make a small contribution through the COFFEE CONTRIBUTION page

And do not forget: You are welcome!

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