Milky Way Galaxy, Nick Risinger, CC BY-SA 4.0

“The public budget for space in Europe totals about one cup of coffee, per tax payer, per year

To build our vehicle, we would like you to buy us a cup of coffee or tea with your private funds.

This small contribution adds up.”

If you want to make a small gesture, than buy a cup of coffee or tea, either virtual or real, or any of the products in our online shop. Especially in the ramp up of our organisation, this can help us a lot to offset the cost of some bare essentials. If you want to go further, then inquire to help promote or even sell some of your related products through our site to help generate momentum.

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Alternatively, if you want to accelerate the effort, and are happy with the content we provide on this website, you are free to choose a higher amount.

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Of course, if you plan on donating a very large amount (>1000 USD/EUR), please do contact us first and we will verify what is the legally most sound course of action in accepting your donation depending on your country of origin and jurisdiction.

We are working to set up a web shop as soon as possible. So follow us or subscribe to find out what products we have on hand. Both professionals in the space industry and private individuals, space enthusiasts are our target market and all traffic and purchases will aid in gathering the momentum, support and means to make our SSTO a reality.

Model rocket builders and students might be interested in buying plans for our first MARVEL Model Rocket. A bare bones platform offering you the possibility to experiment with forward propelled vehicles, stability and staging. Unlike the full scale vehicle it is fin stabilized. But frankly, everybody likes fins on a model rocket!  Send us a mail via our contact page, and we’ll mail you the plans for 18 EUR in a .PDF format.

MARVEL Center of Gravity

Become an expert on Aerospike Engines and cross feeding propellants. Obviously, we cannot sell you any liquid propulsion systems and you always need to buy Model Rocket Engines that respect the legislation in your part of the world. But besides that, shoot for the Moon and land on Mars!

The team at ONESTAGETOSPACE is incredibly grateful for your support.