To create a future-proof platform, we conceived a Mars Ascent Vehicle answering to three requirements: it can produce and store propellants; it can lift off from Earth; and it is safely reusable in a Mars and Earth environment. The result was a Single-Stage-to-Orbit, with drop tanks located in an usual place: below the scorchingly hot engines. Modern materials, heritage techniques and the short duration of use of these tanks (2-10 minutes) renders this into engineering challenge that can easily be tackled. As an added bonus, dramatic synergies open the door to many exciting mission scenario’s.

Find out about the stepping stones in our programme by clicking on the links below. All sub-projects are designed to be integral to the DEEP SPACE MARVEL.

1. Student vehicle

2. Proof of concept

3. LEO and CISLUNAR capability

4. Deep Space Mission Duration capable vehicle
and artificial G demonstrator

5. Artificial gravity design effort

6. Lunar ambitions: Moon Village and LOP-G