We partner with innovative organizations and individuals, passionate about research, technology, service and the exploration of space. Together we are opening up new worlds for humanity.

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Building an affordabe highway through space

We build MARVEL, the open platform for transporting goods between Earth, The Moon and Mars. Join us and invest in the future of exploration.

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What advantage does your organisation have in partnering with ONESTAGETOSPACE?

People are drawn to exciting projects and because what we do is technically difficult to accomplish, our programme will necessarily run for the better part of a decade and more. If executed well, it will have the multi-decade life typical of a civilian airliner production run. As we move along, the organisation and network will get a higher profile and external societal dynamic. Associated with the life of our company, a whole list of milestones, firsts and associated event opportunities will show up where your brand can get good exposure or just be part of the fun of doing something potentially transformational.

But if you are less interested in events and want to build up a long-term people or network relationship, associating with or sponsoring our project might also fit your corporate needs or ideals. ONESTAGETOSPACE is an engineering project and might very well have a need for your products, know how and services. We will become a community of people, a broad network of client/vendor and partnership relationships, talented individuals with a strong interest in engineering, the sciences and project management of complex projects. Most of them a blend of creativity, talent, eagerness to excel and expertise. Fresh, passionate and knowledgeable. The skills, tools they pick up and relationships they build on our project are transferable to any future challenge. Maybe budding partnerships and spin offs will find their seed within our company. If your company wants to expose your products, technologies, solutions, processes and brands or even job offers to such a stable and growing community of individuals with an interest in state of the art technology, than it might be interesting to partner up.

As adults we still ask ourselves the question: what if? What if we can build a vehicle that does all that? What if we really can go to all of those places at a more reasonable cost; ask the big question regarding life; or build that second human presence? What if you could work on such a project or just help? Young children and ambitious talented graduates are even less inhibited to ask these questions. They and ONESTAGETOSPACE thrive on the possibility of moving the needle forward. Maybe you or your company does so too.

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