We Are Sending Our Name To Mars To Become Immortal (Or Find Brains)!

I am going to Mars!!!!   Pffft. Well. Close enough…for now. If you go to the site https://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/mars2020/, you, or in actuality your name, will be etched onto a silicon chip destined for an impressive interplanetary ride.   Marshmallow travel Not only will you -I mean your beautiful, intrepid and adventurous name, but who is nitpicking- […]

Humans To Mars Summit 2019

Humans to Mars is one of our favorite yearly Mars-related events. This year it took place from 14-16 May 2019 in the Washington D.C. National Academy of Sciences. Each time a string of respected international experts and speakers present conceptual work on mission architectures and vehicle designs for the manned exploration of the Martian surface. […]

Jeff Bezos Sneakily Building Mars Domes in Plain Sight

Photo of the exterior of Amazon Spheres captured on May 10, 2018 – Source: Biodin – Own work (CC BY-SA 4.0) Luna Last week we saw Jeff Bezos announcing O’Neill Cylinder colonies and a beautiful design for a Lunar Lander he has been working on for three years. Blue Moon will be soon capable of […]

LIFT-OFF!!! 1S2S selected as ASTROPRENEUR!

ONESTAGETOSPACE PRESS RELEASE May 10, 2019 Today, the team at ONESTAGETOSPACE woke up to a pleasant surprise.   Want to know why we smiled? “Dear applicant, We are very happy to inform you that your application to Astropreneurs Space Startup Accelerator was accepted.  Welcome aboard! You are now an ASTROPRENEUR!” Call it good Karma. We […]

It appears Humans are in a Race Against Robotics Engineers…

Nothing much to add here. Except that robotics engineers really want you to become paranoid about … enthusiastic robotics engineers putting robots and their masters on an equal footing. The robots will come in handy on Mars, when we have to choose between sending a rover or an explorer over a dangerous cliff. Unfortunately, before […]

Fecal Transplants for Astronauts? An Approach Dictated by our Gut

Radiation When astronauts stay in space for extended periods, they get bombarded with radiation. This accumulated radiation not only damages tissues. It will also damage the helpful bacteria in our intestines, our gut microbiome. Radiation, unhealthy eating habits, and antibiotics will kill large colonies of gut bacteria. That is why seemingly harmless antibiotics can do […]

Belgian Bakery Bold about Baking Bread on Mars

Not content with having a worldwide reputation developing innovative ingredients and supply solutions for bakers, pastry chefs and chocolate factories, Belgian bakery giant Puratos decided to team up with Urban Crop Solutions, a Belgian indoor agriculture startup in its fifth year. The goal: learn to bake bread on Mars. Why? We never leave home without […]

NASA invests in Cutting Edge Concepts, such as Flexible Optical Telescopes and Soft-Robotic Astronaut Suits

While each of the projects below would deserve its own in-depth article, we desire to give a quick overview of the crop of new futuristic projects cooking at NASA in 2019.   NIAC, NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts, is a shining example of small investments helping to proof forward-looking concepts and giving individual or small teams […]

1000 km range Electric Vehicles in sight thanks to Swiss E-tech company Innolith AG. Their 1000Wh/kg batteries also promise rapid adoption of electric aviation.

Ever wondered if medium to long-range electric aviation or 1000km/charge electric vehicles, eliminating range anxiety, could happen within the next five years? European technology being developed at Innolith could make it possible. Oh, and compared to all other commercially available lithium-ion batteries, this one is non-flammable and lasts for 55,000 full charging cycles. That would […]

Diet in the Garden of Eden: Good Food for Good Thought

Surprisingly, Genesis might be a source for dietary advice to Adam and Eve, and to Cain and Abel.

The ESA 2019 Budget is 5.72 B, a 40% Increase over 2014.

Ever wondered how much Europe spends on space activities? While the national space agencies of Western Europe have separate national programs, they also contribute to ESA, The European Space Agency, a Treaty based intergovernmental body. This intergovernmental structure makes it that the sovereign countries can freely decide how high their contribution to programs will be. […]

Terrestrial Microgravity Experiment now Fits on a Desk. It Creates Martian Soil by Gobbling Perchlorates.

Partial gravity? On Earth? Most of us, including the author, assumed extended duration microgravity or partial gravity research is not possible on Earth. We know of evacuated drop towers, the elegant zero-G parabolic flights on airplanes,  but these typically last only seconds or, in the case of sounding rockets, a couple of minutes. This requires […]

Will Silicon Thermal Batteries provide High-Density Storage on Mars?

Martian power grids could use energy dense thermal battery storage with locally sourced silicon.

Cloud of smoke announces birth of an interplanetary humanity?

Spacehopper. If you have not heard about it, it is time to feed your inner space geek.   Starhopper completed tethered hop. All systems green. https://t.co/0m5Bm5slD2 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 4 april 2019   Elon Musk from SpaceX has never been hesitant to speak about his goals for starting his space launch company early in […]

A New international Space Resources regime? Belgium and Greece take initiative to create ownership rules.

OPED. A space Resource? Is it yours? Is it ours? Is it all of ours? Should we share? Finders keepers? Due to abstruse language regarding the ownership issue of space resources in the original space treaties of to the nineteen sixties, which clearly was inspired by the diplomatic effort of creating a legal compromise all parties […]

How to protect against space radiation? Researcher says gene therapy, hibernation and regeneration will help

When humans travel beyond the orbit of Earth, they will be exposed to higher levels of ionizing radiation and in the case of Mars also for much longer durations than a typical stay on the International Space Station.   While the classic idea is to protect the astronauts with shielding mass (e.g. water, plastics or […]

SpaceX’s successful Demo flights pave way for orbital tourism

Recast of the historic flight   Another first Today SpaceX has successfully launched the production version of their crewDragon vehicle to the International Space Station. This uncrewed test will shake out the vehicle and witness how it behaves during all phases of the flight, before a first manned flight later this year. The SpaceX vehicle […]

Europe proudly copies SpaceX

Copy / Paste In the West it is often muttered that the Chinese excel at copying/pasting our technology. In actuality, this line of reasoning is just an example of the pot blaming the kettle and people being ignorant about history. Now we, Europeans, have at least one blatant case where we are courageously following their […]

Massive Craters Discovered Under Greenland Ice possibly within human oral history

Impact crater discovered under Greenland ice. Probably one of the youngest impact craters on Earth, possibly even within human oral history. Update Februari 11, 2019: NASA Finds Second Massive Greenland Crater Source: Massive Crater Discovered Under Greenland Ice


Last night, Monday Nov 26 2018, NASA’s insight lander mission successfully landed on the red planet Mars near Mars’ equator on the western side of a flat, smooth expanse of lava called Elysium Planitia, with a signal affirming a completed landing sequence at approximately noon PST (3 p.m. EST). Thanks to two accompanying duplicate briefcase […]