ONESTAGETOSPACE is always looking for your donation or investment to bring this project forward. Donate money, time or buy some of the tools/materials we need. We will list your name or company name (without address) below or on a future dedicated sponsors page.

You can also support our content creating effort     Become a Patron!


Classic donations can be done at any level. At this stage even the smallest contribution can help us forward.

The smallest contribution you can make, is buying us a virtual cup of coffee. Space agencies in Europe often state that the amount of money spent by the taxpayer on Space projects is only about one cup of coffee per person. Well, donate to us a single cup of coffee of your private funds. Or donate a couple. These small amounts add up.

Small coffee contribution

With this small gesture, a virtual cup of coffee; you can show your support for our program. If you have already donated to a cause this month, well done. May you think about us next time. (or visit our shop for tangible products when it comes online)


Contact us if you want to make this donation monthly or if you want to donate time, goods, an opportunity to present our product, other.

If you have a proposal to deliver considerable content value to our program contributors, please do let us hear from you.


Note to interested investors: 10 percent of our Capital structure will always be reserved (in perpetuity) to insure and reward personnel and volunteers who have invested considerable time. In this manner, the respect for their efforts and vision will never get diluted in successive investment rounds; or if and when the project transitions from a volunteer driven to a commercial organisation.