Join the adventure of a Belgian Startup beating the drum to build a range of versatile space transportation services.

With Antwerp, Charleroi and Brussels, Belgium has evolved into an ideal transportation node in the heart of Europe.

We want to add space transportation to the mix.

Belgium has airports ideally situated for horizontal launch and  sea ports for towed vertical sea launch into polar orbit.

This enables ONESTAGETOSPACE to launch small and large space vehicles  from nearby international waters while preventing noise pollution and obstruction of air traffic. 

Legacy infrastructure will be put to 21st century use.

Air-to-fuel technology makes our operation C02 neutral.

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Lunar Ambitions

We want to go to Mars and do the other things, including a return to the Moon​

LOP-G and Moon Village

Two projects are underway to create presence in lunar orbit and on the lunar surface.
1S2S will be part of the return effort.
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Explore MARVEL

Find out more about the capabilities of our vehicle

Mars Ascent Return Vehicle Earth Lift

Find out more about our full scale vehicle on our projects page
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Explore our MDSRB

The Deep Space Version of our Vehicle
Keeping crew alive for 5000 days

Mars Deep Space Rotary Base

Keeping crew healthy on year long missions.
Our synergetic design solves many of the issues involved
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Contribute to our Amazing Inspiring Motivating European space project

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… is a rocket that operates more like a cargo airplane than an expendable vehicle.

It can lift off from MARS or the MOON as a Single Engined Stage, and only needs an extra propellant drop tank to launch from EARTH.

It is the next frontier in reusability on the road towards the ultimate rocket scientist’s dream of a Single Stage to Orbit vehicle (SSTO).

Find out here why SSTO’s are a good idea.



All transportation services with one vehicle fleet

Reusable & Long life

Reusing rockets has been proven to be possible. We aim to repeat this feat and create ultra long life rockets, using legacy techniques..

Propellant abundance paradigm

Refueling in orbit is a great mission enabler. For trips around CISLUNAR space it lowers the propellant cost from 50 million to up to 50.000 EUR, for a vehicle with one ton of cargo; a 1000-fold difference.

Stellar service

Customer satisfaction is the life blood of any company. We will get you from A to B, even if A is Low Earth Orbit and B is MARS.

Help our team participate in European competitions and win substantial European prize money.

We regularly participate in funding competitions and will do so until we can build our vehicle.

  • EIP
  • SABCA Moon Lander Competition

Join us and help us build momentum.



Till EMC18 – European Mars Convention 2018 – La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Till Switch To Space 2018  – Brussels, Belgium


Till VVS Weekend  – Oostende, Belgium

Latest contributions


Belgian Bakery Bold about Baking Bread on Mars

Not content with having a worldwide reputation developing innovative ingredients and supply solutions for bakers, pastry chefs and chocolate factories, Belgian bakery giant Puratos decided to team up with Urban Crop Solutions, a Belgian indoor agriculture startup in its fifth year. The goal: learn to bake bread on Mars. Why? We never leave home without […]



In Memoriam to the Space Shuttle Transportation System

May you find a worthy replacement soon

We welcome Shuttle 2.0:
a MARVELOUS rocket

May your genesis come soon



Subscribe and get our BENELUX SPACE LAW REPERTORIUM 2018.

The 350 .p book contains the relevant body of space law related legal documents. As such it is essential back ground information for any professional and budding rocketeer or legal student with an interest in the legality of activities in space.

Get your copy now.

Our Projects

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Lunar Ambitions

We want to go to Mars and do the other things, including a return to the Moon
Competition Participant

Explore MARVEL

Learn the details about our full scale vehicle

Explore our MDSRB

The Deep Space version of our vehicle. Keeping crew alive for 5000 Days.

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